Wednesday, July 14, 2010

no excuses!

NO excuses just been swamped with work.. haha..
that is good...
So i treated myself to Sushi yesturday as I have been working hard and felt i deserved a good meal...
9 Style sushi is awesome!! the Scallop roll and the Hawaiian which is spicy tuna and poki on top! YUM!

Here is a compliment from one of my surfers i taught the other day!! I thought it was awesome he wrote a letter! Stoked!!

Dear Jon,
Yesterday I had a totally stoked day surfing! Thanks for the info about on a rainy day head to a golf course and shred the water traps and muddy grass!!! Still trying to convince my mom to let me buy a surfboard or skimboard(couldn't find one in the gift shop). How are the pics going? Well, I hope you surf, skim, and skate all around.

Shane (surfer shane the grom)

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