Saturday, July 17, 2010

A little Appreciation for a job well done.

Stoked Merricks' mom wrote this about skate camp this week. She is a great photographer mainly family and life photography but really great work.. .. I just like seeing the groms get their grind on!!

the basics of skateboarding
Merrik was in The Basics of Skateboarding skateboard camp this week. He has had a skateboard since he was 3 but I have not been very encouraging to get him on it. I haven’t wanted to see him fall or get his fingers run over while he rides it on his belly. So, the fact of his intimidation and hesitancy to jump right in and start shredding could be mostly my fault. He had the most patient, encouraging and conscientious coach you could ask for in a first-time skateboard camp experience. I am so grateful to Coach Jon Steele for being nothing short of amazing with my son and all the other kids in the camp.

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