Thursday, April 30, 2009

uh sure!

I really dont have much to write things are happening both good and bad.
Check back for more interesting stuff!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Get back on the 5!

when worlds and south swells collide:


WOrking on a new video part called Claustrophobic.. Lower Trestles
skating with Brandon Ragonovich, iinterviews with Gnar Gnar and loving life! 

Saturday, April 25, 2009

etnies and other sponsors.

Just a quick shout out to the people who help me goin/ traveling/ skatin/ surfing and mining the stoke..
Boehne's over at Etnies/Infinity thanks braddah needed the hook up!
Astrodeck, Sector 9 skateboards, Future Fins, Infinity Surfboards

Alex Knost/Steele ART SHOW and Spring Break!



SO basically i have been having trouble keepin up the new blogs cause its been firing!
I also and tryin to figure out a method to keep people from stealing imagery off the internet.. 
haha.. ETNIES has been a huge help and Ashton aka THRASHTON and the Brown Blurr (Boehne) have been stokin me and Christian out.. Been shootin Sage Erickson and Laura Eniver (sp) and Coco ho! THEY RIP!!!!!
Will update soon.. 
PRAY FOR SURF... Keep surfing radical!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What is a DeathWeasel?

Motox, surfing , skateboarding, strippers, dancers, cheerleaders, shooting guns, raising hell, kickin ass, drinkin beer, hardcore shows, traveling The reflection of my work is constantly change to claim an actual style or subject tend to be as uncertain as my mind. the diversity of my body of work reflects my interest ranging from extraordinary and daring people and sports photography and filming to breathtaking landscapes. i have started my own “tooth-chippin ‘ thrash photography and film production company a. With this investment of Death Weasel films I have pledged to capture life as it happens or as i see fit to present. I want to vary my production work from skateboarding and surfing related work to women's apparel and be able to use my artistic abilities in working conditions as well as create new and exciting imagery an videos .. please visit both sites. although a lot of my project seem deliberate and consciously planned, i don ot always stick to my preconceived ideas but rather go with the flow or the shoot. this approach often can lead to remarkable results allowing the client to get more then what they ask for. Upon closer examination one will find and abundance of symbolism in my projects. as a direct , these often sharply contrasting symbols five the piece a voice and urge the viewer to search for the deeper message that reveals itself to the intrigued observer. In my eye the portfolios epitomize the contrast of my journey through life, and professional work and causes the pies to be all more riveting. from the diversity of my profession work thin an dough of school handwork, For i am determined to become the newest and greatest producer / photographer i am capable of!

What is a DeathWeasel>