Saturday, October 9, 2010


First time at a real skateboard park for the Mistele boys.. (my nephews)...
Everyone rolled in, some made it, some didn't but it was a very positive day of learning and experiencing skateboarding.
A skateboard will be your best friend for the rest of your life...


Thanks for taking the time to visit with me this morning. The boys had a great experience at the skate park. It was clean and graffiti-free. There weren't very many people there: some in-line skaters, a couple skate boarders and a girl on a unicycle. Everybody was very respectful of each other and nobody seemed to mind the kids.
Some friends ended up joining us, so they switched between scooters and skateboards. Andrew fell flat on his back going down in incline on his skateboard, but I made him get up and do it again and he was successful. He still prefers his scooter, as it requires no effort or falling.  Joshua is getting the hang of it and his confidence level is much better. Kyle's progress in one day is amazing and he has a couple of bruises to prove it. You'd be proud. Wish you had been there to give them some pointers, but maybe by the time we get together next they'll be good enough for you to teach them some moves. No ollies yet, but I suspect they will pay much more attention to the videos that you gave them from now on!


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