Sunday, October 17, 2010

Letters from a Friend!!!

WE use to get together religiously on Thurs when i was in college and play James' Bond's Goldeneye..
ITs a game where 4 people can play and run around killing each other..... one of the best games EVER and the memories of the boys gettin together is some of the best..... Here is an excerpt from my best friend Josh and I remembering the amazing times!!!!!

Jon Steele ARE WE NOT MEN!?!???

Josh Karl ‎"MEET IN THE MIDDLE!!" remember that Jon? Goldeneye...

Jon Steele HAHA I do JOSH!!!! Thurs night James Bond fights with Colt 45's .... hahaha... soooo much fun!!! damn. thanks for reminding me.. amazing times.. haha

Josh Karl When a Colt 45 was 45 ounces.
I'd shoot Udo and G bones in the face playing as a female character. You were a pussy if you got called out to the middle and didn't show up.

Jon Steele OH SHIT.... Shoot u in the F*KIN FACE!!! MEET U IN THE MIDDLE! Damn i miss that! So much fun.. That apartment was so much fun. hahah Great times.. hahaha Udo and Gbones....

Josh Karl I remember those Goldeneye sessions getting so rowdy.

Jon Steele BEST GAME EVER!!!!! Best friends EVER!!!! hahah soo rad man.... Don't let me ever forget that shit.!!!!

Josh Karl I won't. love you brother. best times, I don't know if I ever laughed as much anywhere than that apartment.

Jon Steele Love ya too friend.... Such an amazing time with amazing friends.... I mean we got evicted for Chrissake!!! WE must have been doin something right!? hahahah Miss ya man.. Gonna try and get up there ASAP!!! So much fun and laughter!!

Josh Karl good deal Jon, hope to see you soon.

GET ON THE PHONE / EMAIL or any kind of communication and talk to your old best friend.... You will laugh and be glad u did...
I am ....

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