Monday, April 12, 2010

Pato Banton to Morbid Angel

and everything inbetween ..
2 letters arrived today.. 1 a discruntled surfer.. the other an appreciative mentor..

"Son me glad me grow you proper.
A son like you would be the pride and joy of any mother.
No make the fame get to your head just think about your future."

Those words of encouragement just made me push on further
to break down any walls and also break through any barrier.
-Pato Banton

from a friend:
I just, for what its worth, want to thank you and encourage you to keep taking it on. I respect your game as a very legit, very worldy artist...a total proffesional. All at the same time you have not sold over your soul to the "ideal" of surfing as it were. Your the full package. Your a Journeyman......

-Jason Comstock

More photos to come soon. I just transfered 3 hardrives over (took 3 days) and still gettin some stuff in order to back up the other hardrive i filled. haha..
Never ending.. Learning the new camera and teaching surf and skate lessons... whew... Gonna pay off sometime i hope..

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