Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Friends

Through Life you come into contact and make Best friends on several occasions..
I have 3 that are truly best friends and we have lived a life together F*kin shit up..
Here is An insert from a facebook post:

Jon Steele you better believe we are friends! haha

Josh Karl Fucking best freinds

Jon Steele DAMN Straight!!! Now lets go get some Colt 45's yo!
about an hour ago ·

Josh Karl It's the extra five ounces that makes girls you just met through pizza at you and draw on your shirt.

I recognize that this is an inside joke but just think about good times with your best friends and insert fun!

If you want to know what i mean by fun check out this from a past link:
Got into some trouble, got outta some trouble only to jump right back into trouble..
Trouble should change its definition or be synonymous to FUN!!!!!!

Tyler Martin Crails the Jersey Barrier in San Diego

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