Sunday, May 22, 2011


I was riding my step up 6'2 pin and this is a bigger board as well.. Once you commit you would be maching through barrels or you end up kissing sandbar!!! mmmmm tastes good..
a few new ones on the blog now...
gonna trickle em out through out the week...... long list of characters from Slater, Wardo, Gorkin, Dusty last nite to the Geislemann brothers and Oliver Kurtz, Jamie O'Brien in Cabo, and my good Puerto Rico friends Brian Toth and Alejandro Morera as well as nailing a few green rooms, airs galore and sand double ups myself in front of my parents who haven't ever seen me surf!!!.....
my face is sunburn... my muscles are so, i have bruises all over my body and sand still 1/4 inch think in my ears, I'm tired of humping camera gear but i wouldn't trade it for the world.....

wrapped up a tough edit....
happy with my week.. even slipped out today and had a blast..... Can't beat this streak of waves..
thanks surf gods!!
Got some waves with Daniel, Cody , Scroggs and some other Texans which was fun. stoked they scored..
Had lunch with Rory Parker and he spoke highly of Morgan's surfing in Hawaii as Texas had come up in the conversation.. which i thought was a nice compliment as i respect Rory's surfing..

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