Thursday, December 2, 2010

The man behind the Weasel....

Jon Steele has the past 12 years experience in the editorial trenches of niche magazine departments and online magazines. Mr. Steele has been working intensely with digital photography and output as a two time photo editor and now full time freelance photographer, writer, filmmaker and artist. Mr. Steele secures his traveling lifesytle by selling his work to the industries top companies as well as contributing to the top surf publications around the world. Many of his globe trotting excursions include off the breaten path ventures of Jamiaca, Alaska, Indonesia, Italy, Fiji and Panama.
Jon Steele was born in San Antonio and grew up surfing the Texas Gulf Coast until the age of 20 residing in Corpus Christi. After securing his Junior college art interest at Del Mar College where he founda a nack for paining as well as drawing and photography he moved onto greeener pastures and bigger waves. He was inspired by the right hand point waves and beautfiul landscaspe of Santa Barbara to push the envelope of his art. 15 years after his interest in photogarphy Mr. Steele has come around full circle with his art incorporating photogarphy, sculpting and painting and writings to bring the feeling of places he has traveled into one relevant piece at a time..
With his BA degree from the esteemed Brooks Institute of photography and his work experience, ranging from ESPN, the New York Times, Men's Journal and many many more, Steele is proficient in all photographic lighting environments and color management systems as well as portraiture, product, lifestyle, retouching and clipping. Steele works daily with such programs as Photoshop, Aperture, Bridge, Lightroom and many more as well as Microsoft based programs and photo studio software. Steele's knowledge of reproduction values and printing as well as online and other visual output are exceptional due to his work with publications all over the world and their needs for output as well as web based products/outputs.
"I am not afraid of hard work or other related duties assigned as I know alot has to go into making the bigger picture." states Steele. "If I am not overcoming problems in my photography life, I have stagnated and I am not learning or pushing my photography skills to the next level. I am constantly challenging myself to become better at post-productions, camera equipment, computer programs and studio workflow. A Senior Photographer for ESM (10 years + contributing), works with SIMA and the Surfrider Foundation all the way to wedding photography, Mr. Steele is a well rounded and professional photographer in all sense of the word. From dawn to dusk, a surf photographers day has more work hours invovled than most perceive. 
Join San Clemente's photographer/ filmmaker Jon Steele as he takes you through a typical day in his workflow. From sun up to sun down this hard working surf photographer shows you the ins and outs of a daily work day and the many hours it takes to nail the shots that make it to publishing and the web.  It's not all fun and games or an easy job by any means and is definately a lifestyle portrayed differently than most take it to be. Follow Jon and his merry gang of athletes as they rip, tear and shred the day away in Orange County.

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