Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Meth, Tattoos and Surfing!

Joe Crimo is a good friend and a great person. Joe is a wonderful human being with a HUGE heart.. The problem is is Meth /speed destroys EVERYTHING you comin contact with..
I have done a recent piece for ESPN of which i am really proud of.. I wanted to show kids that its not all glory at the top.
This piece is a heartfelt piece as Joe was one of my inspirations as a grom and a good friend. The surfing publication world doesnt begin to touch on subjects such as these because they want you to believe the world is fine and surfing is great for everyone and nothing is wrong.
BUT when what they build up is destroyed they push it under the rug.
Here is an interview i did tryin to show the youth the harms of drug abuse and tattooing that sometimes go hand in hand with our love of surf/skate/and life!

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